[Bookish Ramblings] I made a thing (and I intend to keep it)

I don’t know how many blogs on different platforms I’ve created through the years, and I don’t know how many of those still exist because I forgot my username or email or password (or even the actual site it was on) and thus never got around to deleting them. I still think about that sometimes. The main reason my blogs never got very old has been lack of feedback from the vast and largely detached and anonymous cyberspace, in combination with lack of interesting content from my part. In addition to that, I’ve changed just like other people change, it’s sometimes hard to keep your motivation up while you’re changing, and the end result is often that the stuff you write just float away and fade into nothing while people are none the wiser about their existence. Hopefully, this time, I have a blogging subject (books) that will always be of someone’s interest, plus a small base of people who are a tiny bit curious about whatever bookish thoughts I might have, a base that I hope will branch out and grow with time.

So for those who are curious: the actual main reason I read, apart from the fact that I love everything about books – I love the feel of them and how they smell and how they cost you very little and yet give you so much and how you can return to them if you want or ditch them if you want – is that I have a few live-in monsters who will only let themselves occupy or distract or shut up by books. Books don’t exactly drive them away but I’ve decided it’s better to just keep these things with me for now and maybe hope they’ll eventually shrink and retreat to the backseat, rather than chasing them away and risk having them return one fine day looking a thousand times bigger and badder. What kind of monsters are these? Well, you have the prominent and, to me, obvious ones, like You Always Worry About Something and Sometimes You Feel Terribly Sad For No Reason and not to mention the very ugly Things Will Probably Always Be This Way. Reading simply does wonders when it comes to these – or rather, reading does wonders for me. It means the world for me to be able to read and it means the world for me to meet and get to know other people with a similar passion for books. Of course, me creating this blog also comes with a handful of new creatures (because I take this terribly seriously), such as Nobody Thinks You’re Funny Or Interesting and its fraternal twin Nobody Cares. However I have faith and I’m hoping they won’t get to say much. I also hope that keeping this blog will be another way to keep all these things occupied, so occupied they forget to feed and thus become smaller.

If you made it all the way to this point – awesome! I’m aiming for a little less rambling from now on- or, I’ll aim for more bookish rambling, of course.

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Author: AnnReadsThem

Books messed up my circadian rhythm.

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