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It’s been quite a while (more than a month) since the lovely Rachel @ pace, amore, libri nominated me for this award – thanks so much! It’s about time I actually start using this blog and post something other than reviews for once (Rachel – you have a lot of fun tag posts, I might come back and steal some of them!). Do check out Rachel’s excellent blog and follow her if you aren’t already!

The Rules:

Display the award on your blog.
Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself.
Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blog.

7 Facts:

1. I’m a decent volleyball player, though I’ve never actually properly been part of a team. I considered joining the volleyball club in university but found I didn’t have much time next to my studies to regularly join in on all the games and tournaments, so I cheated and just went to the open practices lol. I have a terrible overhand serve but I’m good in defense (also I’m 5’5” (165 cm), which isn’t very tall for a volleyball player, so I like being at the back).

2. I’m half Norwegian, half Filipina (Filipina Mom and Norwegian Dad). I’ve lived in Norway all my life and about 95% of my family is in the Philippines. My family on my Dad’s side is super small and I’m also an only child, so I’m kind of used to being on my own and having few people around me. I don’t mind that at all by the way 😉

3. For my master’s thesis I studied the olfactory system in moths. Yep – moths. Basically I studied moth brains in vivo (very tiny brains, barely a pinhead) and mapped specific neurons by color staining them through electrical impulses. It was very fun work but pretty much a niche area of research. Still, I appreciate everything I can gain knowledge from and a lot of research areas overlapped too (biology, physics, neuroscience, etc.). Plus, I gained really steady hands!

4. On the very top of my “places to visit before I die” is without a doubt Japan! I feel like what I’m truly missing now is to learn the language (on at least a basic level) and experience the country. I love that the culture is so different and I haven’t been anywhere in East Asia before either, so this definitely must happen one day!

5. If I hadn’t been allergic to horses I’d probably be a horse owner for several years by now. I used to be absolutely crazy about horses when I was younger, and indirectly they also made me a book lover. I was in a bi-monthly horse themed book club (the Penny Club) in my tweens where you got two-three books plus a bunch of other goodies in each package. I have a whole stack of Joanna Campbell books in the attic and my favorite from her Thoroughbred-series is without a doubt “Ashleigh’s Diary”. That was the first book ever that completely broke my heart and made me cry. I tend to prefer sad books over funny books and I totally blame “Ashleigh’s Diary”.

6. I went through many various and obsessive collecting phases as a kid. I used to collect rocks (why…?), napkins (of course unused lol), keychains (I have such a massive amount of keychains that I don’t even want to use any of them), the 101 Dalmatians figurines and other Disney stuff from the McDonald’s Happy Meal, and Kinderegg figurines (Kindereggs were – and are – the best!!!). Now I collect books of course.

7. My middle name is Charlen but I only use Ann online, mostly because this isn’t a usual Norwegian name combination and, well, I’m kind of paranoid in our easy search days. However, my family only uses Charlen and my irl friends use both names (probably because I always introduce myself with both names lol). Rumor has it that my Dad wanted to name me Nina Charlen but my Mom didn’t like the combination. Charlen was also supposed to be Charlene but, in a typical Norwegian pronunciation, people didn’t seem to get that the last ‘e’ was supposed to stay silent and my parents didn’t want to subject me to a life of name mispronunciation. It happened anyway though; I don’t know how many teachers I’ve had to correct because they pronounced the ‘Ch’ as a ‘K’…

I nominate:

Simona @ Book Fay

Rebecca @ the sugar cane diaries

Bill @ Kenyan Library

Signe @ A Millennial Reads

Miri @ Caffeinatedwords

… and everyone who sees this and wants to do this (…10 people is a lot)! And of course, you totally don’t have to do this if you don’t feel like it! 🙂


Author: AnnReadsThem

Books messed up my circadian rhythm.

18 thoughts on “[Tags] The Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. Oh I’m glad you did this, I loved reading your facts! I know what you mean, I thought I’d just stick to posting reviews on my blog at first, but some of the tags and awards are so tempting. I’ll tag you in more of them in the future, I just didn’t want to spam you with them if you were going to keep your blog tag-free, lol!

    I didn’t know that you’re half Filipina! I’d love to visit the Philippines some day, it seems gorgeous. (I hope your extended family is okay with everything going on in Marawi rn!)

    And I’m also an only child and have a very small family, so ditto loving to be alone. I’d rather hang out with my cats than people 90% of the time.

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    1. Thank you, Rachel! And thanks for nominating me, it was fun! Please feel free to tag me in more of these, don’t worry about spamming me. I’d love to do them! I figured it was time I changed some things up, and these are always fun to read as well!

      Omg yes, do visit the Philippines someday if you ever get the chance. It often comes in second to Thailand for most people when vacationing in South-East Asia (though Thailand is gorgeous too), but it’s definitely worth a visit! My Mom’s from Cebu, which is the one place I really recommend going to, instead of for example the capital Manila. Cebu is so beautiful and the people are so welcoming ❤ And thank you – we don't have any family living in Marawi right now but we've checked in on pretty much everyone and they're okay 🙂

      Yay, only children represent! I'd also rather hang out with my cat too lol I very rarely get bored being on my own.

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      1. I’d love to visit Thailand too! And China. And Japan. I’ve never been to Asia, but there are so many gorgeous and historically fascinating places over there. And the food! I just googled Cebu and it looks too pretty to be real.

        And same, whenever people ask if I was lonely growing up as an only child I’m just like NOPE, I just learned how to entertain myself and now I’m never bored on my own which is a great way to be. I’m like the polar opposite of those people who go from one relationship to the next because they can’t stand being alone – that seems torturous to me.

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      2. I’d love to go to China as well! And also Vietnam. Cebu is really lovely. There are times of unrest in the Philippines too these days but I never hear about anything like that happening in Cebu.

        Yeah, I totally agree that it’s a great way to be and I couldn’t stand going from one relationship to another either. I’m just really comfortable and okay with my own company and being an only child teaches you that because you kind of just have to. Especially when the family in general is small and you’re mostly surrounded by adults. I definitely prefer a small close-knit group of friends rather than “knowing everyone” and feeling the need to be a part of everything.

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      3. Our families sound quite similar! I have a really small family as well. I mean, I do have a lot of extended family, but they live really far away and don’t get along with my parents for the most part, so when I say ‘my family’ I literally just mean my parents and myself. I have ONE aunt that I communicate with semi-regularly, but even she lives far away so I rarely see her, and all of my grandparents have been dead for a while and I hadn’t been very close to any of them. Which all sounds a bit sad but I’m honestly fine with it. Cats are the best companions anyway!

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      4. We really do have similar families! My Dad passed away two years ago so my family is really just me and my Mom. And my cat. Nobody gets along with my Dad’s sister, so my “aunts and uncles” are actually cousins of my Dad’s. Family on my Mom’s side are obviously on the other side of the world (and truth be told my Mom doesn’t get along with all of them, but like, she has 10 siblings, HOW can you get along with everyone XD) So yeah, my family is tiny but I’m fine with it for the most part too! And I totally agree that cats are the best companions ❤

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      5. I’m sorry to hear about your dad! 😦

        That’s so crazy, my dad also has one sister and my mom also has a ton of siblings! She’s only one of 7 though, which to me still seems like way too many siblings. She only gets along with one of her sisters, the aforementioned aunt. So in theory I have this big extended family, but I don’t even know a lot of their names!

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  2. Oh Ann, I do love the posts where you share about yourself 🙂 Ugh you have a few centimeters on me, life must be something entirely different up there, I’m only 1.61 (to be fair, it’s probably more like 1.58, but I’ll stick to what my passport lists me as).
    Dude your thesis sounds insane! Moth brains!! I am in awe, what even 😀
    Ashleigh’s Diary, oh the memories, still one of the best tags, I’ve ever had to do on instagram!

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    1. Haha thank you, Signe! ❤ I decided to more of these, they're always fun to write up and read!

      You know, for some reason I pictured you as taller than me as most people tend to be taller than me across the board, especially when it comes to Scandinavians! My Dad was a whole 2 meters but my Mom is around your height, so if she was taller I think I'd be at least 1.75. Oh well XD It's probably all the brown cheese we eat lmao.

      Haha yeah, I thought it was insane too when I realized that was actually what I was gonna work with for a year, it's not what I imagined when I started. I didn't even know it was a research area in the first place, like moths???hahaha

      Yay "Ashleigh's Diary"! (or *tears* "Ashleigh's Diary") Thanks horses, for getting me into reading 😀


  3. Oh yay this sounds like a lot of fun! I used to collect lots of weird stuff as a kid too, especially erasers lol Also your thesis sounds really cool! 😀 I used to love biology and chemistry when I was younger, but somehow I ended up studying English lit in uni instead 🙂

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    1. OMG ERASERS I forgot about them! I did too and I kept them in a box and eventually the phase passed and I forgot about them and they sort of clumped together into a ball XD

      My thesis was pretty narrow but fun XD And the funny thing is I used to be the opposite in high school, I didn’t like any of the hard science subjects lol. But then I started studying psychology in college and ended up on the science track. Though I loved English lit too, sometimes I wish that was the road I’d taken!


  4. What a great blog post, Ann. So lovely to learn more about you! Hahaha, I think we all collected key chains at some point :p Also, you’re 1cm taller than I am! Somehow I thought you were super tall – not sure on what basis.

    I am also an only child and also lost my dad so, until I met my husband, my family was also my mom, her partner, and me (and our dogs). I like cats, but I’m a die-hard dog person. Now my husband and I have two golden retrievers and my mom has two dachshunds (they’re 13, so I regard them as mine too seeing as we got them when I was still in high school).

    I would really love to visit Norway and the Philippines some day. We have just planned our belated honeymoon to Madagascar though, so we’ll have to wait a little while.


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    1. Thank you, and thanks so much for reading! Haha my dad was 2 meters tall and his sister is also super tall, so I’m glad I ended up on 165 XD I think it’s thanks to my mom, she’s much shorter than me.

      Aww I love golden retrievers and dachshunds, they’re so lovely! I’d really love to have a dog someday, but it would have to be after Pippin. He’s been the sole ruler for 14 years so I think it would be unfair to both dog and cat to bring a dog home now XD

      WOW Madagascar sounds so amazing! I’ve never been there but it looks beautiful. I’m sure you’re going to have the most wonderful time ❤

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