[Wrap-Up] Books read in June 2017

I’m a little late with my wrap-up this time, sorry about that! It’s July and summer vacation here, but I’m pretty sure this month is also going to fly by like the rest have done. Hopefully I can make the best of my reading time! As for my June reading, I read seven books where one was a scriptbook, one was a short story collection, and one was an e-book. Personally I don’t think seven books is a lot compared to most of the other months, but the start of June was really slow for some reason (I wasn’t in a slump though), so I’m still pleased. Reviews are linked in this post, as always!

My June reads:


“Mostly Void, Partially Stars” by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor
★★★★★ (Review)

“Do Not Say We Have Nothing” by Madeleine Thien
★★★★★ (Review)

“Victim Without a Face” by Stefan Ahnhem
★★☆☆☆ (Review)

“The Elephant Vanishes” by Haruki Murakami
★★★★☆ (Review)

“The Tidal Zone” by Sarah Moss
★★★★☆ (Review)

“Oryx and Crake” by Margaret Atwood
★★★★☆ (Review)

“Chemistry” by Weike Wang
★★★★☆ (Review)

My favorite June read was by far “Do Not Say We Have Nothing” by Madeleine Thien – this was another emotional and beautifully written historical novel that I ended up loving. It’s primarily set in China during the Cultural Revolution and spans several generations. You can read more about this in my review linked above! I also really loved Fink and Cranor’s scriptbook “Mostly Void, Partially Stars” – it was so great to get into “Welcome to Night Vale” again and reading the script for season 1 got me all nostalgic. “Oryx and Crake” was another June favorite of mine and it has moved Margaret Atwood closer to one of my “favorite author” spots. Still can’t believe it took me so long to pick up her books! I “only” read seven books but six of them scored well above average in my opinion and gave me some wonderful reading experiences, which is what I’m after. So overall I’m pleased!

What were your favorite June reads? Have you read any of these books?


Author: AnnReadsThem

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4 thoughts on “[Wrap-Up] Books read in June 2017”

  1. Oh yes!!! Atwood’s trilogy is very high on my must buy list 🙂 Do not say we have nothing is another I must get my hands on… I also feel guilty for not tackling a Murakami book yet XD I know hhow muchh you enjoy his works and I trust your opinion, I will rectify that mistake. Amazing post Ann

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    1. Thanks so much, Bill! ❤ Definitely check out Do Not Say We Have Nothing if you have the chance, it gives such wonderful insight into the Cultural Revolution in China and I'm just dying over so many of the characters and their relationships. Haha let me know when you do read Murakami! I think he's a bit of a hit or miss author to be honest, but it depends on what book you start with, too. A "safe" bet would be his most popular one, Norwegian Wood, but it's also the most realistic so I don't think it shows the width of his writing. For more (to me, at least) familiar Murakami, "Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki", "After Dark", "A Wild Sheep Chase", or "Kafka on the Shore" are all great first reads ^_^

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