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It’s the same with me like with so many of my fellow bookworms. Ever since I learned how to read I’ve more or less always had my nose stuck in a book. However, it’s only in recent years that I’ve had the time to go back to reading fiction books. I went down the science road in college/university (psychology + neuroscience), so there have been some 5-6 odd years of my young adult life where books usually meant textbooks, and as some of you may know they can either take up all your time and thus leave no room for other reading, or they can completely drain you of energy and you’d rather sleep than read. Pick up another book?  No way.

Things change, though, and now I’m reading the books I want to read and I have missed this greatly! Books are more than just books, they’re like therapy for me, and I’m extremely grateful for their existence as there are a million things in my head that will only keep still or let themselves distract by reading. Reading saves.

I’m going to use this WordPress blog for book reviews and other bookish stuff that comes to mind rather than a personal diary blog, meaning it probably won’t be updated daily. My Instagram however is very active and has the most bookish content by far, with book reviews, bookchallenges/booktags, book hauls, book mail, etc. I understand though that not everyone’s using both platforms, so I’ll try to even things out between Instagram and here as I see fit. Please feel free to follow me! That would make me super happy  ❤

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