Rating System

I include ratings in my reviews to provide a general picture of how I feel about the books I read, and to give the readers of my blog an immediate idea of what to expect from the review. It’s also more convenient for me to categorize and organize my reviews this way, and thus it makes blog navigation easier. However, a rating is at the end of the day just a number. My personal and honest opinion is elaborated on in the review itself.

I use a system of 1 – 5 stars, and for the sake of convenience I don’t add to them half stars or other decimal numbers. I have to really love a book for it to receive 5 stars, but on the other end of the scale I also have to strongly dislike a book for it to receive 1 star.

Rating system:


This book is one of the best books I’ve ever read! I loved everything about it: the plot, the story, the characters, the writing – absolutely everything. It made a lasting impression on me and has become an all-time favorite that I would happily re-read. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to everyone.


This book is a very good book that I mostly loved. It has a great story and writing, it made a certain impression on me, and also has the potential to become one of my favorites. It is however missing the little extra something that could have bumped it up to 5 stars, or it is possible that it includes just a few minor things that I didn’t particularly care for. It is still a very high rating and I would recommend the book.


This is a book I enjoyed reading, but only to a certain degree. I don’t love the book but I don’t hate it either, and I did find some parts of it to be rather good. However it failed to properly engage me and it’s just lacking something, whether it’s in the plot, the writing, or the characters.


This book is okay, it has some redeeming qualities, but it is mostly a disappointing read. It’s slow getting through, it failed to engage me, and I find it to be lacking in several areas.


This is not a good book in my opinion, I did not like it at all. Either I did not bother finishing it or I really struggled getting through it. It is severely lacking in all areas. This book is just not for me.