[TBR] Plan to read in October 2017

Yay, it’s October! Alternatively – how is it already October? You know, the moment Halloween has passed it’ll basically be Christmas, guys. Anyway – monthly TBR! I honestly have made no effort in putting together a particularly spooky and/or Halloween-y TBR for this month like I’ve seen many others do, mainly because I don’t really care all that much about Halloween. Looking at some of these titles though, I think and hope they’ll still turn out to be atmospheric reads suitable for October and autumn in general!

My October TBR:

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[TBR] Plan to read in September 2017

I’m a little late with my TBR again but at least not as late as last month. Honestly I still can’t believe it’s already September?? I love autumn and all but still – I’m shook. I actually don’t have that many books on my TBR this month either but I might be able to squeeze more reads in as I go. I think pretty much all of them are highly anticipated, so let’s have a look!

My September TBR:

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[TBR] Plan to read in August 2017

Pretty sure this is the latest I’ve posted a monthly TBR! Honestly, I didn’t really want to post this because I feel I’m kind of in a slump, except it’s not that I don’t feel like reading, for some reason I’m just reading less often and much slower than usual. So I may not be able to read all of the books on this list, even though it’s a fairly small stack, but it’s not like I’m not going to try. So anyway – these are the books I’d like and hope to read this month!

My August TBR:

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[TBR] Plan to read in June 2017

Happy June, everyone! So May came and went at record speed and I guess it’s time to put together a TBR for this month. This is maybe the smallest pile that I’ve posted so far but I do want a manageable start and a couple of books are also e-books. Plus, I’ll probably be adding to the list as I go along.

My June TBR:

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[TBR] Plan to read in April 2017

I managed to read all the books I put on my March TBR and having a set TBR wasn’t as stressful as I feared, so I’ll be trying to do the same again this month. I’m hoping to add more books to this list but we’ll see – it’s a start anyway!

My April TBR:

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