[TBR] Plan to read in June 2017

Happy June, everyone! So May came and went at record speed and I guess it’s time to put together a TBR for this month. This is maybe the smallest pile that I’ve posted so far but I do want a manageable start and a couple of books are also e-books. Plus, I’ll probably be adding to the list as I go along.

My June TBR:

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[TBR] Plan to read in April 2017

I managed to read all the books I put on my March TBR and having a set TBR wasn’t as stressful as I feared, so I’ll be trying to do the same again this month. I’m hoping to add more books to this list but we’ll see – it’s a start anyway!

My April TBR:

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[TBR] Plan to read in March 2017

I put together a TBR-list for this month because this was the prompt for day 1 of the #MarchDelirium challenge on Instagram. I haven’t actually put together any structured TBRs for each month before, I’ve just picked my reads as I went, but seeing it this way I realize I quite like the look of my list. So, this year I actually think I’m going to try to do this more often!

My March TBR:

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