[Wrap-Up] Books read in May 2017

How is May over already?? I feel like this month lasted about a week, but these late spring/summer months tend to be that way for me. Anyway, I read a total of eight books this month – of these, one was an e-book, one was a poetry collection, and one was a short story collection. As always I’m linking to my reviews in this post!

My May reads:

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[Wrap-Up] Books read in April 2017

It’s the end of another month and time for yet another wrap-up! I read a total of ten books in April, of which one was a short story collection and three were e-books. As always, the reviews of my April reads are all linked below!

My April reads:

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[Wrap-up] Books read in February 2017

Once again another month is over (another month I’m happy to see go) and once again it’s time to wrap up my monthly reads! I read a total of seven books and two poetry collections this month.

My February reads:

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