[Wrap-Up] Books read in October 2017

Happy Halloween to everyone celebrating! I haven’t got any particularly spooky-themed posts for today as I don’t celebrate Halloween, so have my October wrap-up instead! I read a total of nine books this month (I know, I’m shook (I love this expression by the way, it’s so meme-y)), which is a lot more than expected, at least judging from my TBR. A lot of short books, sure, but books nonetheless. All of them were novels, except one short story collection and one collection of non-fiction stories. As usual I’m just posting my ratings here but all reviews will of course be linked!

My October reads:

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[Wrap-Up] Books read in September 2017

September was a month that just came and went. Wait – that’s been the case for all of the previous months as well… Anyway, time to wrap my reads up! All of the books I read in September were novels except one short story collection, and just like last month I only managed five books. It’s not a lot but my TBR included many highly anticipated books and wow, I ended up with so many great and different reading experiences! My reviews are linked in this post, as usual!

My September reads:

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[Wrap-Up] Books read in August 2017

It’s the last day of August already! 2017, slow down. It’s time to wrap up what I read this month, which was only five books. I feel like I am, for no particular reason, reading fewer and fewer books with each month… But then again I read “It”, which is huge and can fit about three or four of what I’d consider more “normal”-sized books, so. Anyway, except one scriptbook, all the books I read were novels. Reviews linked in this post, as always!

My August reads:

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[Wrap-Up] Books read in July 2017

I’m late with my wrap-up post again, what the heck. I had a bit of an Instagram break lately as well, so maybe that’s why this time. I have a couple reviews of last month’s reads just waiting to be written… Anyway, I read seven books in July, which was pretty good since I felt I wouldn’t actually be reading that much. Apart from one poetry collection, all books were novels. Reviews are linked in this post!

My July reads:

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[Wrap-Up] Books read in June 2017

I’m a little late with my wrap-up this time, sorry about that! It’s July and summer vacation here, but I’m pretty sure this month is also going to fly by like the rest have done. Hopefully I can make the best of my reading time! As for my June reading, I read seven books where one was a scriptbook, one was a short story collection, and one was an e-book. Personally I don’t think seven books is a lot compared to most of the other months, but the start of June was really slow for some reason (I wasn’t in a slump though), so I’m still pleased. Reviews are linked in this post, as always!

My June reads:

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[Wrap-Up] Books read in May 2017

How is May over already?? I feel like this month lasted about a week, but these late spring/summer months tend to be that way for me. Anyway, I read a total of eight books this month – of these, one was an e-book, one was a poetry collection, and one was a short story collection. As always I’m linking to my reviews in this post!

My May reads:

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[Wrap-Up] Books read in April 2017

It’s the end of another month and time for yet another wrap-up! I read a total of ten books in April, of which one was a short story collection and three were e-books. As always, the reviews of my April reads are all linked below!

My April reads:

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